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Three Decades of Lawn Care Experience

Brown spots, unsightly weeds, and bare patches are all common lawn problems that can be tricky to fix on your own. That’s where Unlimited Lawn Care comes in! We’ve been helping our neighbors achieve beautiful lawns since 1993, and we can help you too.

Our comprehensive lawn care will strengthen your grass from root to tip, giving you a healthy and beautiful outdoor space.

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Lawn Care Services in Georgia

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Whether you have zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, or fescue grass, our experts will give your lawn everything it needs to thrive. We schedule eight strategic treatments to cater to your lawn’s seasonal needs, maximizing its growth and potential. 

Healthy Home

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Package Includes:

  • A Healthy Lawn
  • Our 8-step Lawn Care Treatment Plan
Starting at $27/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Healthy Home Plus

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Package Includes:

  • Healthy Home
  • PLUS Aeration and Lawn Assurance
Starting at $35/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Healthy Home Elite

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Package Includes:

  • Healthy Home Plus
  • PLUS Mosquito Control and 10% Off Additional Services
Starting at $65/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Depending on your specific needs, our lawn care includes a mix of:

  • Bionutrition applications to strengthen grass root systems and improve overall health.
  • Seasonal fertilization to feed your grass, promoting growth and vivid color.
  • Weed control to eliminate existing weeds while preventing future ones from sprouting.
  • Lime supplements to balance the pH of your soil for optimal grass growth.

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See Guaranteed Results

We know our lawn care works, and we want our customers to feel just as confident—that’s why we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you experience issues between visits or you’re not happy with the results, we’ll re-treat for free. When you trust Unlimited Lawn Care, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Commercial Lawn Care in Georgia

For over 23 years, we’ve been providing commercial lawn care for your businesses, universities, and complexes. Our services include eight visits throughout the year to cater to your property’s unique needs by fertilizing and balancing soil chemistry, as well as cosmetic services. Our experts will install and maintain seasonal floral plantings to liven up your property and add color. 

Our commercial lawn care experts will also:

  • Mow the grass, maintaining an appropriate height.
  • Prune trees and shrubs, keeping them uniform and unobtrusive.
  • Edge walkways and flowerbeds, creating a polished look.
  • Remove plant debris, preventing it from becoming a hazard.
  • Pull and treat weeds in garden areas, stopping them from overcrowding ornamentals.

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Flexible Scheduling with No Contracts Required

Our mission to provide hassle-free lawn care includes offering no-contract options. While we do recommend regular visits for the best results, we understand that’s not the best option for everyone—that’s why we leave the choice up to you. Whether you sign up for recurring treatments or a one-time visit, we’ll ensure you receive the best care possible. 

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Our Service Area

We’re proud to offer lawn care services throughout Georgia and in nearby states, including:

Get the healthy, beautiful lawn you deserve.

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