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Lawn Care Services in Duluth, GA

The professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care are ready to assist homeowners in Duluth with all their lawn service needs. We’re proud to have served residents and businesses in the region since 1998, earning their trust by offering top-quality results using products administered by friendly, personable experts.
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No Contract Required

With Unlimited Lawn Care, you won't be roped into a contract for services you don’t need.

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Locally Owned

As a locally owned lawn care company since 1998, nobody knows how to treat our local grasses better than our experts.

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Guaranteed Services

If you’re unhappy with the results, give us a call—we provide a complete service guarantee.

Suwanee, GA

Great service!!! I was having trouble with some weeds in my front and back lawn and these guys knew exactly what they were and explained all my options. 10/10 would recommend!

Unlimited Lawn Care

Suwanee Office

810 Brogdon Rd
Monday-Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm

Lawn Care in Duluth

For most landscapes, our standard service is sufficient to achieve the green, healthy grass the owner desires. This package consists of 8 lawn care treatments throughout the year, resulting in a lawn that is free of weeds and thin spots and will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

We also offer an array of other lawn care services in Duluth. Some of these include:

  • Aeration for fescue, zoysia, and Bermuda lawns
  • Flea, tick, and ant control
  • Moisture management
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Soil nutrient testing
  • Irrigation installation
  • Custom design
  • And more

Weed Control in Duluth

If your yard keeps falling short of your expectations despite your best efforts, weeds may be to blame. Unwanted weeds steal critical nutrients and water from grass and other plants, out-competing and eventually overtaking them altogether. With weed control in Duluth from Unlimited Lawn Care, nuisance weeds won’t plague your yard anymore! From your gardens and flowerbeds to lawns and even driveways, we provide long-lasting relief from a wide variety of weeds, including:

  • Dandelions
  • Thistle
  • Stinging nettles
  • Clover
  • Bluegrass
  • Crabgrass
  • Chickweed
  • And more!

20+Years of Weed Control Experience

Our products are applied to your lawn with optimal weed control in mind. We are so confident, in fact, that we guarantee your lawn will be weed-free within 21 days. If after that time, you still find weeds in your yard, give us a call. Our experts will come back out to your property and re-apply our products free of charge. We are dedicated to giving you the results you want because your satisfaction is our success.

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