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The Importance of Lawn Care in the Winter

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Lawn care tends to get put to the side during the cooler, Fall, and Winter months. However, it is just as important to tend to your lawn during these seasons. Prepping your lawn now will help it be healthy and thriving come springtime. 

Should I treat my lawn in the winter?

Yes, you should still be continuing with lawn care treatments in the fall and winter.  You should also be applying winterizing treatments to prepare your lawn for the cold weather. Moreover, fertilizers help create thicker and fuller grass in the springtime.

Treating your lawn with fertilizer this fall will get it ready for colder months ahead. Additionally, you can apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment that helps prevent weeds from sprouting up.

What does winter lawn care include?

There are a few things you should do to your lawn, including:

  • Aerating the soil to help it retain moisture and nutrients. 
  • Removing debris from around trees or plants that may be damaging them. 
  • Fertilizing as usual - keep in mind this will have to take place earlier than normal since the grass will be growing slower.
  • Using weed control as usual - however, know that weeds are going to grow more slowly during the winter months so you'll need a stronger solution. This is especially true if your lawn tends to have a lot of weeds year round. 

What month do you put winterizer on your lawn? 

During the early months of winter is when you should put it in your yard. Since temperatures don't drop too low in the Southeast you can even push these into late November, early December. But it should be done before the first freeze occurs. 

Can I seed and winterize at the same time?

Winterizer and seeding at the same time is a bad idea. The seed will not grow as it should without regular watering and weed control, which winterizer helps with by killing off weeds that would otherwise compete with your new grass for nutrients. 

What is a good winter fertilizer?

A good winter fertilizer will have a low nitrogen content, but still provide enough to help the grass get back into shape after having had its life put on hold. A lower nitrogen content will help reduce the number of weeds that grow from leftover nutrients in the soil. You can always contact your local lawn care company like Unlimited Lawn Care and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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