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Your lawn experiences a lot of stressors, which can result in bare patches, brown spots, overgrown weeds, and other unsightly issues. While these problems may seem impossible to treat on your own, our 20+ years of experience allows us to easily perfect your lawn and keep it looking beautiful year-round.


Lawn Care Services

If you’re tired of stressing over your outdoor space, give the experts at Unlimited Lawn Care a call. Our technicians use the best products available to grow your lawn strong and healthy—guaranteed!

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Lawn Fertilization

Proper fertilization of your grass encourages healthy, vividly green growth. Our seasonal applications keep your lawn looking great year-round.

Weeds in grass

Weed Control

We’ll eliminate existing weeds while preventing new ones from taking over. Broadleaf and grassy weeds don’t stand a chance!

Lawn Aerator Image

Lawn Aeration

Aeration gives your grass room to breathe while seeding takes care of bare patches. The result is a thick, luscious lawn that can fight off insects, diseases, & more!

Logo of trees and shrubs

Tree & Shrub Care

Ornamentals can be tricky to care for and have unique needs. Let our tree and shrub care keep them looking their best.

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Mosquito Control

Constantly swatting mosquitoes can ruin your time outdoors. Our mosquito control will eliminate current pests as well as prevent future ones.

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Lawn Care

Every lawn care plan is tailored to your specific needs, giving you the results you want in no time.

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Landscaping is no easy task, so let us take care of the hard work for you. We'll keep your property expertly maintained and looking it's best all year round.

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Lawn Pest Control

Insects may be small, but they can cause detrimental damage to your lawn. Trust our lawn pest control to stop the destruction.

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Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are not only annoying, but also dangerous. Protect your property with our flea and tick control services.

fire ant Logo

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants cause painful bites and even allergic reactions. Keep them far from your lawn with our fire ant control.

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Lawn Disease Treatment

 Lawn disease can cause your grass to be bare or sickly looking. Since each disease is treated differently, it’s important to get professional treatment from the experts at ULC.