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Trust in 20+ Years of Experience

Trees and shrubs are an important part of your landscaping. Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to take care of—that’s where Unlimited Lawn Care comes in! We have over 20 years of experience protecting your ornamentals from insects, harsh weather, and more.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Georgia

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Your trees and shrubs may grow next to grass, but they have substantially different needs. Each has unique watering needs, fertilizer requirements, and growth patterns. Pruning trees can be especially dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. For guaranteed results done safely, trust our tree and shrub care services.

Seasonal Treatments for Year-Round Results

We take into account the types of plants on your property, their placements, and their overall health when treating them. Our tree and shrub care is also designed to match their needs during each season. With 7 strategic applications, we’ll have your ornamentals looking their best all year long!

When you choose our tree and shrub care program, we will:

  • Eliminate the insects and their eggs that have made their homes on your ornamentals during the winter.
  • Trim trees and shrubs to keep them looking neat and encourage new growth.
  • Prevent insect damage and foliage diseases with strategic applications in the spring and summer.
  • Apply slow-release fertilizer in the fall to feed your plants and ready them for winter dormancy.

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Get Guaranteed Results Without a Contract

Our customers mean a lot to us, which is why we back our tree and shrub care with a service guarantee. If you’re ever dissatisfied after our visit, give us a call at 770-831-7741 and we’ll re-treat for free. For added convenience, we never require you to sign any contracts for long-term plans with us.

We service areas in Georgia and surrounding states, including:

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