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There’s no faster or better way for your home to make a good impression on the world than to have a vibrant, healthy-looking lawn. Getting it there, however, can be a full time job and you may not have the extra hours to do it properly. Don’t worry though, because at Unlimited Lawn Care, we’re here to get you the yard of your dreams!

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Lawn Care Services in Brookhaven

Caring for your lawn isn’t easy. Simply watering and mowing from time to time won’t get you the results you want but so often, our customers find that there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you find yourself in need of help maintaining your grass, look to our lawn care services in Brookhaven! Our trained and experienced technicians are ready to provide you with the Southeast’s best yard maintenance, giving you access to services like:

Guaranteed Results for your Peace of Mind

At Unlimited Lawn Care, we want you to feel confident that when you hire us, we’ll do the job right. Your trust matters to us and we aim to earn it every time we set foot in your yard. Each of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free retreatments if you aren’t happy with our work. So choose the lawn care company in Alpharetta that puts you and your needs first and get the lawn you’ve always wanted!

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20+ Years of Local, Hands-On Experience

When trying to get your dream lawn, it pays to have the local experts on your side. Georgia’s weather can swing from cool and frosty to hot and humid in no time, exposing your lawn to a wide variety of challenges. Here at Unlimited Lawn Care, we’ve spent the last 20 years developing the region’s most reliable treatment plans to help your lawn thrive all year. Look to the local option when you’re ready to get the most out of your lawn.

Aeration in Brookhaven

Our lawns go through a lot: heat, cold, foot traffic, and more. Even the best recipe of watering, mowing, and fertilizing isn’t enough to keep such well-loved lawns from stagnating. Aeration is the last piece of the puzzle to have a lawn that thrives in the long run.

Aeration spurs your lawn’s health because it:

  • Loosens compact soil, allowing water and nutrients to more easily reach your grass’s roots.
  • Allows roots to grow deeper in less dense soil, resulting in grass that better withstands extreme weather, fights off disease, and outcompetes weeds.
  • Helps your soil absorb moisture so that the grass uses all the water available to it, and so water doesn’t run off your lawn into the street.

Aeration is a regular aspect of diligent lawn care. When paired with overseeding, the results will speak for themselves as you watch your turf grow thicker, stronger, and greener. As the best lawn care company in Brookhaven since 1998, we’ll see to it that your lawn gets the love it deserves and pays you back in the curb appeal of your home!

Weed Control in Brookhaven

If you’ve tried to get rid of weeds on your own, you know it’s not easy; pulling them by hand is backbreaking work while store-bought weed killers can leave you with a patchy, dead lawn. Instead of struggling on your own, trust our weed control in Brookhaven. We treat dandelions, clover, crabgrass, and everything in between. No weed is too stubborn for our lawn care technicians!

When you partner with us for weed control, we will:

  • Use high-quality products that get rid of weeds and not your grass.
  • Treat your lawn as well as flowerbeds, mulched areas, sidewalks, and more.
  • Schedule treatments throughout the year to keep your lawn weed-free.
  • Give you a better-looking, healthier turf.
  • Back our services with a satisfaction guarantee that includes free re-treatments.

Lawn Fertilization in Brookhaven

At Unlimited Lawn Care, we don't just want to improve your curb appeal. We want to transform your lawn into a stress-free, healthy, and beautiful environment to enjoy all year long. Trust your local experts for fertilization services in Brookhaven to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. 

The benefits of our custom fertilizer blends and strategic applications include:

  • Promotes healthier turf: Our fertilizer adds the nutrients that your lawn needs for growth and vibrancy.
  • Improves soil quality: By adding essential nutrients back into the soil, we create an environment that is conducive to healthy root growth.
  • Protection from pests: A strong and resilient lawn is less susceptible to pest infestations.
  • Eight strategic applications throughout the year: Our fertilization program is designed to optimize your lawn's health all year round.
  • And more!
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Christopher Stallworth did an excellent job! I'm very happy with my service!

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This company has turned my lawn around. Absolutely beautiful. The envy of the neighbors.

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Keeton did a great job spraying my lawn. On time and we’ll covered.

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