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If you’re ready to step up your curb appeal, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. You can trust in our 20+ years of experience as a local lawn care company to make your turf healthy and beautiful again.

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If you’re unhappy with the results, give us a call—we provide a complete service guarantee.

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Lawn Care Services in Newnan

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your lawn. That’s why we tailor our lawn care services to the time of year, carefully scheduling 8 treatments to give your lawn the nutrients and care it needs to succeed. We guarantee you’ll see results in no time!

Our lawn care services include:

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Free Re-Treatments if You’re Not Satisfied

We’ve been providing lawn care in Newnan for over two decades, so we know our treatments work. To give you the same confidence, we back our services with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the results after our service, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost to you.

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Say Goodbye to Pesky Contracts

Regular visits are the key to keeping your yard happy all year long, but we know that’s not the best option for everyone. That’s why we don’t rope you into a stifling contract—so you can choose what services you need when you need them. Even if it’s just a one-time treatment, you’ll always receive the best service and results when you trust Unlimited Lawn Care.

Weed Control in Newnan

Pulling weeds is hard work, and store-bought weed treatments end up killing more grass than weeds. Thankfully, there’s a better solution! Our professional weed control in Newnan uses products that are proven to target weeds, not your grass, shrubs, or trees. Even the most stubborn crabgrass, dandelions, and thistle don’t stand a chance! For the best results possible, we also treat flower beds, mulched areas, driveways, and other places weeds often grow.

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Our weed control in Newnan includes:

  • Recurring visits to keep weeds at bay all year long.
  • Pre-emergent solutions that prevent new weeds from sprouting.
  • Post-emergent applications to eliminate existing weeds.
  • Healthier, stronger grass that’s more resistant to stressors like disease and drought.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee, which covers free re-treatments!

Lawn Aeration in Newnan

Even if you’re sticking to the best lawn care practices of watering, fertilizing, and mowing, your turf will begin to stagnate due to compacted soil. Soil compacts overtime after being walked on or driven over by lawn equipment, making it difficult for the grass's roots to go deep and for nutrients to reach these roots.That’s why even the healthiest lawns need aeration to keep them green and thriving. 

Lawn aeration reverses compaction and benefits your lawn by:

  • Pulling soil plugs from your lawn, giving it room to decompress.
  • Helping key nutrients reach your grass’s roots.
  • Facilitating deeper root growth in the softened soil.
  • Fostering thicker, healthier grass.
  • Aiding your turf in naturally outcompeting weeds.
  • Revitalizing it for the year ahead.

Pairing overseeding with aeration will give you the full and lush lawn you’ve always wanted. If you’ve never aerated your lawn, or haven’t done so in a while, reach out to us to schedule an appointment today.

Fertilization in Newnan

When your lawn doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it becomes yellow, thin, and visibly unhealthy. Grass gets most of its nutrients from soil, but that’s not always enough. Instead of guessing what fertilizer at the store is the best choice, trust our fertilization in Newnan. We’ll create a custom fertilizer blend based on your property’s unique needs, then schedule 8 strategic applications throughout the year. We guarantee you’ll see great results!

Benefits of lawn fertilization include:

  • Fewer weeds: Healthy grass with strong roots are less likely to be crowded out by weeds.
  • Improved soil quality: Nutrient-rich soil is healthy soil, and having a solid layer of grass helps prevent topsoil erosion.
  • Disease resistance: A well-cared-for lawn can naturally fight off diseases better.
  • New growth: Fertilizer encourages new growth, leading to a thicker, greener lawn.
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My yard was horrible. Now beautiful. The best in this business...From the techs to all the staff...Truly on their game....

Jim Morgan
Columbus Office
5 Star Review

Great service and always attentive to my lawn care needs

David Drennan
Suwanee Office
5 Star Review

Nate (Technician) unlimited lawn care did a wonderful job with applying weed control and fertilization my yard looks great!

Carl F (Carl)
Newnan Office