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Water and sunlight aren’t enough to keep your lawn looking its best. If you notice dead patches, slow-growing grass, or yellowing blades, the culprit is likely a nutrient deficiency. To solve all these problems and get your lawn back on track, trust Unlimited Lawn Care for professional lawn fertilization services.

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Lawn Fertilization Services in Georgia

Your grass needs an abundance of nutrients to grow beautiful and healthy. Over time, soil naturally loses those nutrients, making it difficult for your grass to survive. Our fertilizer applications are designed to combat this by adding nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium back into the soil. Each nutrient plays an important role in maintaining your lawn:

  • Nitrogen encourages chlorophyll production which causes rapid growth and makes the grass blades greener.
  • Phosphorus stimulates root growth which leads to stronger, fuller grass.
  • Potassium helps your grass battle stressors, making it more resistant to drought and disease.

Custom Fertilization Made for Your Lawn

To determine your property’s unique needs, we start by testing the soil to see what nutrients are lacking. Then, we create a custom fertilizer blend that’s designed specifically for your lawn and schedule 8 strategic applications throughout the year depending on the type of grass you have. We’ll ensure your grass has exactly what it needs to thrive, both in growth and dormancy cycles.

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The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer is an important part of achieving a great looking lawn, but boosting your curb appeal isn’t the only benefit. Lawn fertilization can make your lawn easier to maintain, more resistant to stressors, and transform poor soil. Lasting benefits of lawn fertilization include:

  • Weed reduction: Thick grass with strong, developed roots is less likely to become overrun with weeds.
  • Disease resistance: Nutrient deficiencies leave grass susceptible to disease. Ensuring your lawn is cared for lets it naturally fight off diseases.
  • Improved soil quality: Vegetation prevents topsoil from being washed away by rainfall and introduces beneficial organic material.
  • Increased growth: Fertilizer produces uniform, thick growth by evenly dispersing nutrients throughout your lawn.
  • Protection from pests: Pests tend to target vulnerable lawns. By strengthening the roots and grass blades, it’s harder for pests to cause damage.

Free Re-Treatments are Guaranteed with ULC

Choosing the right company to take care of your lawn isn’t always easy, but you can feel confident you’re making the right choice with Unlimited Lawn Care. We offer no-contract lawn fertilization services that are backed with our satisfaction guarantee. If you experience problems between visits, call at lawn pro at 678-325-7255 and we’ll quickly make things right.

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Whether your lawn is struggling with an insect problem, nutrient deficiency, thatch buildup, or any other issues, Unlimited Lawn Care is here to help! We’re proud to be turf care experts, offering comprehensive lawn care services for your lawn type.

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Great technicians provide service. Jacob Geyer is very helpful with any questions we have. Professional and courteous every visit.

Jeanie Oliver
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5 Star Review

Our lawn looks healthy and plush!! Can't say enough about the professionalism of the technician and the quality of service.

Don Thrasher
Columbus Office
5 Star Review

Nate, is absolutely awesome 😎 does a Thorough job on my lawn.

Sharon Winters
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