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Fire Ant Control

Mounds of fluffy-looking soil, trails of red ants, and painful bites are all indications of a fire ant infestation. Treatment may seem simple enough, but acting without the right safety gear can result in dozens of irritated welts. Don’t waste your time and money on DIY ant control sprays from the store—trust the professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care, and get the job done right the first time.

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Fire Ant Control in Georgia

Fire ants are extremely territorial and will become aggressive when their nest is disturbed, even if it happened on accident. Each ant has powerful mandibles that they use to hold onto your skin while they sting repeatedly by injecting venom. The combination of the bite and sting is the reason fire ant attacks hurt so badly, and why it’s important to remove them from your property as soon as possible. When you partner with ULC, we’ll treat the colony as well as create an environment that prevents these fire ants and other turf-damaging insects from getting into your property.

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Relief After Just 1 Treatment—Guaranteed!

Sharing your property with fire ants is stress-inducing enough—you shouldn’t have to wait for relief. Luckily, with Unlimited Lawn Care, you don’t have to! Our fire ant control eliminates these pests in just 1 treatment. We do this by customizing treatment based on the size of the fire ant colony, where they’re located, and any concerns you have. With our combination of bait and repellants, fire ants don’t stand a chance. We’re so confident in the services that we guarantee fire ants will stay away for a full year, or we’ll re-treat for free.

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Nate did a great job helping to get our weed problem under control and geting our grass green and healthy. This is much appreciated!

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Just started the service and Jesse is Very Professional and knowledgeable.he is on time and makes sure he covers every part of the lawn.

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Great service. Yard has been transformed! Neil is the nicest man you will ever meet. Standup guy. Very knowledgeable.

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