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Lawn Aeration with Unlimited Lawn Care

If your lawn is thinning or has bare patches, our aeration and seeding is the solution for you. Our services work to undo soil compaction to give your grass room to breathe, allowing it to absorb the nutrients and water it needs to thrive.

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Lawn Aeration

A lawn technician pushing an aerator machine

Between the Georgia heat, foot traffic, heavy rains, and improper maintenance, your lawn faces a lot of stressors. These stressors can cause compacted soil and thatch buildup, which is a layer of dead grass and other organic material. These conditions make it difficult for grass to grow, resulting in unhealthy turf. To reverse the damage, trust our professional lawn aeration and seeding services.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

We use core aeration machines that remove small plugs of dirt from the ground, then deposit them on the surface. This creates necessary air pockets without removing nutrients, as the dirt plugs eventually crumble and rejoin the rest of the soil without causing compaction again.

Aeration can make a major difference in the appearance of your lawn, giving you benefits like:

  • Improved turf health: Although they’re underground, grass roots still need access to air, water, and fertilizer. Aeration provides channels for these things to reach the roots, resulting in healthier grass.
  • Stronger roots: Grass needs an extensive root system, which is impossible to achieve if the soil is too dense. By creating channels in the soil, we give the roots a place to grow.
  • Reduced water runoff: By breaking up compacted soil, we make it easier for water to penetrate the ground. This results in less water runoff and standing water.
  • Thicker grass: Aeration gives existing grass room to grow while seeding encourages new growth, filling in bare spots and creating a uniform layer of turf.
  • Increased disease resistance: Aeration improves overall grass health, making it more resilient against disease, pests, and drought.

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We Also Provide Lawn Overseeding Services to Promote Growth

Grass doesn’t live forever—old age, lack of nutrients, physical damage, disease, and many other factors can cause it to die. Most residential lawns don’t seed, so they can’t replace lost volume on their own. That’s what our seeding services are here for! We seed your lawn during the growth season, which varies depending on what type of grass you have. This ensures the seeds have the perfect conditions to grow quickly.

Locally Owned Since 1998

For over 20 years, we’ve been a locally owned lawn care company. We care about the community we serve and take pride in helping our neighbors achieve their dream lawns. To give you a hassle-free experience, we offer free re-treatments and no-contract services. There’s no better option than Unlimited Lawn Care!

We’re proud offer our lawn aeration and seeding services throughout Georgia and neighboring states, including:

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