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Guaranteed Services

If you’re unhappy with the results, give us a call—we provide a complete service guarantee.

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No Contract Required

With Unlimited Lawn Care, you won't be roped into a contract for services you don’t need.

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Locally Owned

As a locally owned lawn care company since 1998, nobody knows how to treat our local grasses better than our experts.

What’s Included In Your Lawn Care Program?


We provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to be healthy, green, and vibrant all year-round.

Weed Control

We utilize pre-emergent herbicides to tackle unsightly weeds in your lawn and prevent re-growth.

Lime Treatments

Lime, made from limestone, is used to help balance the pH levels of your soil and improve the health of your lawn.

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Lawn Pest Control

Georgia’s warm climate and short winters mean pests are active for the majority of the year, making it difficult to spend time outside without being bombarded by pests like ants, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. If you’re searching for a way to protect your lawn, family, pets from these insects, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care for lawn pest control.

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Lawn Aeration

If your lawn is looking thin or has bare patches, our aeration and seeding is the solution for you. Our aeration services work to undo lawn stressors such as the Georgia heat, foot traffic, heavy rain, improper maintenance, and soil compaction. Aeration gives your grass room to breathe, allowing it to absorb the nutrients and water it needs to thrive.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are an important part of your landscaping, but they’re not always easy to take care of. We have over 20 years of experience protecting ornamentals from insects, harsh weather, and more. We take into account the types of trees and shrubs on your property, their placement, their overall health, and seasonality when treating them. With 7 strategic applications, we’ll have your ornamentals looking their best all year long!

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What Else Do I Need To Know?

Affordable Lawn Care You Can Trust

The key to a healthy lawn in every season is our 8-step lawn care treatment plan. Every few weeks throughout the year, our professionally licensed lawn care technicians will visit your home and treat your lawn using only the best products and most innovative lawn care techniques available in the industry.

Our 8-Treatment Lawn Care Regimen

  • 2 Fall Pre-Emergent Treatments: Our lawn technicians will complete 2 pre-emergent lawn care treatments during the fall, giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to promote healthy dormancy so that grass emerges healthy and strong in the spring!
  • 2 Spring Pre-Emergent Treatments: As spring approaches, our lawn care team will complete 2 pre-emergent treatments so that as your grass begins to sprout, it has fresh nutrients to get the strongest, healthiest start possible.
  • 3 Fertilizer and Weed Control Treatments: To thicken your lawn, encourage growth, and strengthen it, we provide three fertilizer treatments throughout the year. This ensures your lawn will emerge from the cold months ready to thrive! In addition, we will provide weed control so that your grass growth isn’t inhibited by weeds.
  • 1 Lime Treatment: The pH balance of your soil changes throughout the year, affecting how your grass absorbs nutrients. When lime is added to your lawn, it offsets soil acidity, which can improve the availability of plant nutrients, making your lawn healthier.

Locally Owned & Operated

Unlimited Lawn Care is a leading name in lawn care services, both residential and commercial. Since we first opened our doors back in 1998, we’ve always sought to deliver reliable, high-quality lawn care to those who trust us with their property. We go to great lengths to make sure we exceed all expectations and earn your complete satisfaction. To accomplish this, we use premium products and methods that pass our strict quality standards.

The Community's Lawn Care Company

Having served residential and commercial clients since 1998, we have amassed many accolades over the years. We've been named one of the top 20 local landscapers by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and have received the “Best in Gwinnett” award for five consecutive years from Gwinnett Magazine. We earned these awards and recognitions by ensuring total customer satisfaction and providing comprehensive lawn care services.

5 Star Review

I've used Unlimited Lawn Care for a couple of years now. I really like their work. Very fast and through.

Raymond Gray
Columbus Office
5 Star Review

Great company. Mr. Steve Flores is the best in the business! He always does a very thorough job. Many thanks Steve.

Suwanee Office
5 Star Review

Shimane went above and beyond! Very respectful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Unlimited to anyone and everyone!

AustinAndSierra Bowman
Suwanee Office
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