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Achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn on your own is difficult. Luckily, Unlimited Lawn Care is here to help! Whether you have brown patches, overgrown weeds, or thinning grass, our comprehensive lawn care in Dunwoody has the solution for you!

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Lawn Care Services in Dunwoody

As the seasons change, so do the needs of your lawn. That’s why our lawn care in Dunwoody is tailored to the time of year, ensuring your property always looks its best. With eight carefully scheduled treatments, advanced products, and friendly technicians, there’s no better choice than Unlimited Lawn Care. You’ll see results—we guarantee it!

When you partner with us for lawn care in Dunwoody, we will:

  • Inspect your property to determine the overall health of your lawn and identify problem areas.
  • Strategically schedule eight treatments based on your lawn’s seasonal needs.
  • Strengthen your grass from the root up with bionutrition and fertilizer applications.
  • Eliminate existing weeds while preventing new ones from germinating.
  • Balance the pH of your soil with lime applications for optimal grass growing conditions.
  • At Unlimited Lawn Care, we also offer other lawn care services in Dunwoody such as flea, tick, and ant control, soil nutrient testing, tree and shrub treatments, and more!
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Guaranteed Results Without a Contract

With over 20 years of experience, there’s no one more qualified than our lawn care technicians in Dunwoody. We know our services work, and we want you to be just as confident. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free re-treatments! We also offer no-contract options, so you can choose a one-time treatment or recurring services based on your needs.

Weed Control in Dunwoody

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in your yard is the emergence of weeds. Anyone who’s spent time maintaining their yard knows how quickly weeds can sprout and how disruptive they can be. If you want to keep your yard weed-free for the long haul, quality weed control in Dunwoody is a must. Here at Unlimited Lawn Care, our weed control service is backed up by more than 20 years of experience. From our years of experience to our expertly-trained lawn care technicians in Alpharetta, we always give you the results that you need. 

Our weed control includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your yard.
  • Removal of active weeds and pre-emergent treatment to prevent new ones from growing. 
  • A weed-free yard, guaranteed! 

Prevent All Common Weed Varieties 

No matter how healthy and well-kept your yard is, it’s vulnerable to a wide variety of local weeds. That’s why we provide comprehensive protection from all common Southeastern weed varieties that you’re likely to encounter. From dandelions and crabgrass to clover and nettles, we get rid of weeds so you don’t have to. Keep your yard clear no matter the season with the local experts at Unlimited Lawn Care.

Lawn Aeration in Dunwoody

Your lawn takes a lot of abuse that you don’t even notice. Everyday events, such as weather and use by you and your family, compact the soil over time. This leads to thatch buildup, thinning grass, and pooling water after heavy rains. The good news is that a single aeration service can reverse years of damage. The professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care will remove small plugs of dirt throughout your lawn, loosening the soil and allowing it to breathe.

The benefits of lawn aeration services in Dunwoody include:

  • Healthier turf from increased grassroot access to air, water, and nutrients.
  • Looser soil leading to development of a more extensive root system, making grass stronger.
  • A reduction in standing water and water runoff, since liquids can penetrate the soil.
  • Increased resistance to disease and pests with healthier grass.
  • New grass growth to fill in bare spots, especially when combined with overseeding.

Fertilization in Dunwoody

Grass that is yellow, thin, and dying may be caused by nutrient deficiencies. Soil can provide nutrients for the grass, but not always enough. Lawn fertilization in Dunwooody can solve this problem easily. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are blended together in an effective way to provide eight treatments throughout the year for a healthy lawn all year long. The no-contact service comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Proper fertilization leads to benefits such as: 

  • Fewer weeds growing in your yard. 
  • Improved soil quality.
  • Better disease resistance. 
  • Faster growth to fill in bare spots or thin patches.
  • And more! 

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Trust Your Local Experts 

Unlimited Lawn Care is a top choice for lawn care in Dunwoody. We are experts in the industry and prioritize going above and beyond for our clients. Being locally owned, we strive to serve our community and neighbors in any way possible. Contact us today! 

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Service has been great still has some tough weeds.

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Nate service my lawn yesterday he was professional and knowledgeable.

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Love this Lawn Care Service. My yard has never looked better!

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