Lawn Aeration for Properties In and Near Atlanta, GA

Lawn Aeration Atlanta GAUnlimited Lawn Care provides professional lawn aeration services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia, or any surrounding community. We know that your soil can get compacted over time, potentially choking your grass’ root system and resulting in a thin, withering, uninviting landscape. Our lawn care experts can help property owners like you address this issue through proper lawn aeration techniques, which will allow your lawn to thrive once again.

Lawn aeration involves using a specially designed machine that removes small plugs from the compressed turf. There are many good reasons to have your lawn aerated regularly, including:

  • Turf health – Aeration enables your grass’ root system to have full access to air, water, and nutrients.
  • Root growth – Our infamous clay soil in the Atlanta area can prohibit root growth and spreading if the soil isn’t loosened occasionally.
  • Fescue grass – This particular grass species benefits from a combination of annual aeration and overseeding to fill in thin spots.

At Unlimited Lawn Care, we know exactly how to properly aerate your lawn, including the right timing for the service based on your lawn type. We offer our lawn aeration service as an additional component to our standard lawn care service package, which includes eight treatments scheduled throughout the year to drastically improve your lawn’s health and eliminate weeds. Taken together, our lawn care and aerating services will dramatically improve the vitality of your landscape, giving you a lawn that you can truly enjoy. Plus, we offer additional services such as pest control, tree and shrub care, and moisture management to maximize your lawn’s beauty. We even have experts who can design and build customized landscape enhancements for a picture-perfect outdoor environment.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about the ways in which our lawn aeration services can help improve your turf’s health. Discover for yourself why Unlimited Lawn Care is the preferred lawn care company for property owners throughout the Atlanta, GA, metropolitan area.