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Have a Beautiful Landscape

In addition to our lawn care services, Unlimited Lawn Care also offers professional landscaping services to help enhance the outdoor surroundings of your home. We proudly employ a team of licensed landscape architects and horticulturists who can design and upkeep a scenic, tranquil environment for your home.

Our landscaping services are only available in our Alpharetta and Suwanee markets. 

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Landscaping in Alpharetta & Suwanee

beautiful brick home surrounded by trees with red and green foliage

From lawn services designed to keep your turf healthy and perimeter pest control solutions and landscaping services, ULC is your one-stop-shop for all things lawn-related. You won’t have to worry about any of the hard work when you trust your landscaping to us—we’ll deliver the finest quality landscaping work and results that earn your total and complete satisfaction.

Our landscaping services include:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Seasonal color
  • Irrigation services

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Landscape Design & Installation

With Unlimited Lawn Care’s landscape design services, we will work with you from start to finish in creating a beautiful outdoor environment you can enjoy. From the choice of plants to the style of architectural elements, every detail of your project will be thoughtfully considered along the way. Our expert crews have handled projects of all sizes, with budgets large and small, and are well-equipped to deliver results that will exceed your every expectation.

With help from our skilled landscape design team, you can create an outdoor retreat for your property that includes:

  • Charming walkways
  • Beautiful retaining walls
  • Decorative shrubbery and trees
  • Relaxing water features
  • Comfortable sitting areas
  • Lighting
  • And more

Landscape Maintenance

Now that you have a beautifully designed backyard, it’s time to focus on landscape maintenance. While our lawn care services cater to your grass’ health, our maintenance services are all about upkeep. With over 20 years of experience, we have a long track record of maintaining healthy, vibrant landscapes by using time-honored techniques. With ULC on your side, you’ll have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. 

Our landscape maintenance services include:

  • Weekly mowing, edging, and trimming nearly every week of the year, depending on the need.
  • Add limestone supplements to balance your soil’s pH level.
  • Shaping of trees and shrubs.
  • Spring and fall debris clean-up.
  • Weed control for flower beds.
  • Cleaning hardscape features like rocks, fountains, ponds, etc.
  • And more

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Irrigation Services

One of the keys to a healthy lawn and garden is frequent and thorough watering, which can be hard to figure out on your own. Trust ULC and our automatic irrigation watering systems to make the job easier. Not only will our systems save you time, but they will also save you money in the long run as it will eliminate any potential waste.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Recommendation of what system is best for you (sprinklers, garden drip, etc.)
  • Installation of the system
  • Drain construction
  • Education of monitoring system
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Repairs if needed

Repairs & Warranties on our Systems

Over time, irrigation systems can experience problems. Water pressure can dip, sprinkler heads can become damaged, or certain areas of your yard may get re-worked. When this is the case, you’ll need to have your irrigation system repaired or modified. Unlimited can handle this job and ensure your landscaping irrigation is always on-par with exactly what you need.

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Seasonal Color

Keeping your property beautiful all year long can be a tough task. As the seasons change, different plants spring to life and become flush with various colors that become a theme of the season. If you want to keep your property looking beautiful throughout each of the seasons, Unlimited’s seasonal color programs are the way to go. 

With our seasonal color plans, our landscaping experts will bring out the true beauty of your property throughout the year by:

  • Meeting with you before each installation service to discuss your goals and your ideas. 
  • Guidance using color theory and your property’s architecture, which can be complemented by tasteful plant selections. 
  • Carefully choosing and installing plants that reflect the time of year, taking the appropriate color palates and schemes into consideration. 

The Unlimited Difference

Unlimited Lawn Care has always taken pride in doing things the right way—that’s why we do our best to provide comprehensive services to bring you a yard you’ll absolutely love. Trust our 20+ years of experience and our commitment to our neighbors in Suwanee and Alpharetta—we guarantee you’ll love your landscape design when you partner with us. 

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