Our Weed Control Services Help Restore Homes in the Suwanee, GA, Area

Weed Control Suwanee GAWeed control is just one of the many services Unlimited Lawn Care provides to properties in Suwanee, Georgia. Since 1998, our full-service landscaping company has been working to improve lawns in the region by eliminating weeds, restoring soil health with bionutrients, offering weekly mowing services, installing sprinklers, and taking on extensive design/build projects.

We’re happy to offer weed control as part of our year-round lawn care program, which includes fertilizers to give your lawn the nutrition it needs, bionutrients to invigorate your lawn’s root systems, and lime supplements to maintain healthy pH levels in your soil. That means that we’ll ensure the lawn of your Suwanee property remains free of weeds, while also keeping it healthy and looking lush.

You’ll want to take advantage of our weed control services to combat the negative effects of any weeds in your lawn, which include:

  • Causing other plants to die off by depleting your soil of essential nutrients and moisture
  • Overcrowding your lawn, making it difficult for you to grow the plants you actually want
  • Leaving your lawn looking patchy due to sporadic blotches of weeds among regular grass

To tackle these issues and ensure the heath of your lawn, trust Unlimited Lawn Care’s weed control services. We guarantee that our treatments are guaranteed to work. So if for any reason you notice weeds growing 14-21 after our last treatment, we’ll come out and re-treat your lawn at no cost to you.

Contact us today to learn more about how our weed control treatments can improve your Suwanee, GA, property and help you obtain the landscape you’ve always envisioned. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and begin creating a customized plan to treat your lawn.