Weed Control for Homeowners in and Around Roswell, GA, from Unlimited Lawn Care

Weed Control Roswell GAWeed control has left many homeowners in the Roswell, Georgia, area, baffled – no matter how many times they attempt to treat their lawn, the weeds continue to return time and time again. Unlimited Lawn Care is here to help. Since 1998, we have worked with thousands of customers to remove all of their lawn weeds permanently. Our treatment experts understand what it takes to eradicate weeds and are ready to improve your lawn.

While some lawn care companies near Roswell, GA, fail to remove your weeds with their “quick fix” treatments, Unlimited Lawn Care is an expert in weed control. We have developed an eight-step treatment program that removes all your Georgia weeds, including crabgrass, wild lettuce, dandelions, and chickweed, and will continue to keep your lawn weed-free all year long through a special blend of controllers. Our eight-step program also includes applications of:

  • Bionutrients to enhance the health of your lawn
  • Fertilizer to increase the growth of your lawn
  • Lime to balance the PH of your lawn

Through all these applications, you are guaranteed complete weed control and a robust lawn throughout the entirety of the year. However, if one of our applications fails to remove all your weeds, we will retreat your lawn at no extra cost to you.

At Unlimited Lawn Care, we are serious about weed control. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help Roswell, GA, residents finally have a weed-free lawn.