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Weed Control Marietta GA

If you’re looking for weed control services that will get rid of unwanted lawn vegetation once and for all, look no further than the turf care experts at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have provided dependable lawn care services for residents in Marietta, Georgia, and throughout the region since 1998, and have developed an undeniable formula for success – place the best, most eco-friendly products available and time-honored techniques in the hands of highly trained lawn care experts, who also provide unsurpassed customer service. The result – customers returning to us year after year, and recommending us to their friends and family members.

Our weed control service is bundled with our year round lawn care service. We provide eight strategically timed applications throughout the year – applications that coincide with important moments in your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles in Marietta, GA. These treatments include combinations of:

  • Bionutrients – to promote strong blades and a robust root system
  • Fertilizer – to ensure your lawn has the most complete and balanced diet possible
  • Weed control – to eliminate unwanted vegetation and reduce competition for nutrients

In addition, we add an annual dose of lime to your soil. Lime helps balance the pH and makes it easier for your grass to access available resources.

To learn more about our annual lawn care service, including our comprehensive weed control applications, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. We’re proud to serve property owners in Marietta, GA, and throughout the area.