Weed Control for Your Lawn in Lawrenceville, GA, and Neighboring Communities

Weed Control Lawrenceville GAWhen it comes to weed control, you can entrust your lawn in Lawrenceville, Georgia, to the professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been eradicating weeds in the area since 1998 and have the experience needed to keep your lawn pristine and weed-free throughout the year. The highly-trained lawn care professionals we employ use only the most effective techniques and highest quality products when treating your lawn.

Our weed control process uses strategically-timed applications throughout the year designed to eliminate existing broadleaf and grassy weeds, while preventing future ones. The products we use are custom formulated specifically for the unique climate found in Lawrenceville and the surrounding region. We are equipped to eradicate crabgrass, dandelions, wild lettuce, chickweed, and more from your lawn. Not only do our products eliminate all kinds of weeds, they are also eco-friendly and safer for the environment.

We apply our weed control products eight different times throughout the year to combat issues specific to each of the four seasons. Our year-round treatment is scheduled for:

  • Spring – We apply pre and post-emergent weed controls to eliminate winter weeds and prevent summer weed invasion. Fertilizer is also applied to promote spring green-up and vigor heading into the summer season.
  • Summer – Our experts apply fertilizer to maintain a crisp, green appearance during the dog days of summer. Weed control is also applied as needed for pesky break-through weeds.
  • Fall – Further weed control is spread for upcoming winter weeds, and we also apply fertilization to harden and strengthen root systems for upcoming cooler winter temperatures.
  • Winter – Applications during the winter are designed to maintain color and improve soil condition over the sometimes harsh Lawrenceville, GA, winters

If taken continuously throughout the year, we are confident our weed control treatment will deliver you the lush, weed-free lawn you desire. Stop worrying about fighting the annoying, unsightly weeds that plague your yard, and allow our lawn care professionals to take care of it for you.

For more information about our weed control process or any of the other outstanding services we provide for Lawrenceville, GA, residents, please contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.