Turn to Unlimited Lawn Care for Weed Control in Dunwoody, GA

Weed Control Dunwoody GAIf you need weed control services in Dunwoody, Georgia, it is time to call Unlimited Lawn Care. Our team of licensed technicians, landscape architects, and customer representatives are here to assist you in all your lawn care needs. Since 1998, we have been providing superior service at competitive prices and have refurbished many lawns and landscapes for more than 7,000 happy customers.

Weeds taking over lawns are a common issues for people in Dunwoody, GA. While some companies attempt to remove weeds through a one-time weed control treatment, in most cases weeds sprout again fairly soon after product application. At Unlimited Lawn Care, we have developed an eight-step treatment plan that ensures a continuously weed-free lawn. In addition to weed removal, our treatment plan also has the added benefits of:

  • Healthy grass growth through an eco-friendly combination of fertilizers, bionutrients, and weed controllers
  • Customization to fit the specific and unique weather and soil conditions in your area
  • Continuous lawn and weed treatment throughout the year
  • And more

Unlimited Lawn Care guarantees full weed control for your Dunwoody, GA, lawn through our eight-step treatment program. However, if you are unsatisfied with the results of a treatment and find a weed in your lawn between 14 and 21 days after treatment, our technicians will gladly treat your lawn again at no additional cost.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care to learn more about our weed control and other lawn care services in Dunwoody, GA.