Residential Lawn Care for Property Owners in Atlanta, GA, and All Surrounding Areas

Residential Lawn Care Unlimited Lawn Care is the residential lawn care company to trust for all your landscaping needs in and near Atlanta, Georgia. We have proudly served homeowners in the region since 1998, building our business through hard work and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We have a long track record of resurrecting ailing landscapes and keeping them looking beautiful all year long – just two of the many reasons our customers return to us year after year, and without ever having to sign a contract.

Our basic year-round service consists of eight applications, strategically timed to coincide with key moments in your lawn’s growth cycle. These treatments incorporate the basic necessities required for your Atlanta-area lawn to thrive, and include:

  • Bionutrients – Our applications work to strengthen your lawn’s root system for optimal nutrient and water uptake.
  • Fertilizer – We feed your lawn when it needs it most, using just the right amount, with products that will have the most benefit for your particular grass species.
  • Weed control – Our residential lawn care experts will rid your lawn of existing weeds and keep unwanted vegetation at bay.
  • Lime – We add annual limestone supplements to your soil to balance the pH and create the best possible environment for your lawn to thrive.

Plus, unlike our competitors, we incorporate eco-friendly products in our applications, reducing the amount of nitrates and pesticides used on your property, so your lawn remains a worry-free play area for your children and pets.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about our various residential lawn care services and all of the ways in which we are helping to beautify landscapes in the Atlanta, GA, area.