Premier Pest Control Services for Atlanta, GA & Surrounding Communities

Pest Control Atlanta GAEffective pest control services are a crucial component of caring for your lawn in Atlanta, Georgia. After all, what good is a lush, healthy lawn if you can’t actually spend time on it? Family yard games and cookouts with friends can quickly become disasters when unwelcome pests make their presence known. That’s why Unlimited Lawn Care is proud to provide effective pest eradication treatments in addition to our all-encompassing lawn care services.

Our experts understand the habits of a variety of lawn insects and how to keep them away from your Atlanta, GA, property. We can provide pest control for a wide array of insects, such as:

  • Fire ants – We will provide a single treatment that we guarantee will keep fire ants off your property for a year, or we will re-treat at no charge.
  • Fleas and ticks – We strategically time three applications throughout the year to eradicate these pests.
  • Other lawn insects – Our outdoor perimeter pest control service includes a series of four treatments that will shield your home against crickets, mites, spiders, and other unwanted intruders.

Unlimited Lawn Care offers these pest control services in addition to our popular lawn care package, which we guarantee will produce the green, vibrant lawn you desire. This year-long series of eight applications will feed and fertilize your lawn for optimal health, eradicate weeds, and balance the chemistry of your soil for an ideal growth environment.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about our pest control and other comprehensive lawn care services. Plus, be sure to ask about our landscape maintenance and turnkey design/build services. We’re proud to serve residents of and businesses in Atlanta, GA, and all surrounding communities.