In Atlanta, GA, the Lawn Care Company to Call is Unlimited Lawn Care

Lawn Care Company Atlanta GA

If you’re looking for a trustworthy lawn care company to bring your landscape back to life in Atlanta, Georgia, then look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. Since our founding in 1998, we have helped countless homeowners like you realize their dreams of having beautiful, healthy lawns that serve as safe places for children and pets to play, and idyllic settings for entertaining family and friends alike. Our employees are turf care experts who have spent many hours studying the different ways in which lawns respond to treatment strategies. We understand the things that sap lawns of their vigor, and know the most effective strategies to overcome those challenges. Maybe that’s why Unlimited Lawn Care is the company homeowners throughout Atlanta, GA, consistently trust more than any other.

Our standard lawn service consists of eight applications, which are strategically timed throughout the year to coincide with important moments in your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles. These treatments include:

  • Fertilizer – We make sure your lawn has all the nutrition it needs to grow healthy and strong.
  • Weed control – We eradicate any existing weeds, and prevent future weeds from sprouting, ensuring your lawn has exclusive access to resources in your soil.
  • Limestone supplements – Because the soil in this area can get acidic, we add lime annually to balance the pH and provide an optimal growth environment for your lawn.

To learn more about these and other services, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. Discover for yourself why we are the preferred lawn care company of homeowners in the Atlanta, GA, area.