Homeowners in Marietta, GA, Know Unlimited Lawn Care is the Company to Trust

Lawn Care Company Marietta GA

If you’re looking for a lawn care company to take care of your lawn in or near Marietta, Georgia, give Unlimited Lawn Care a call. We have been creating lush, healthy lawns in the region since 1998, using eco-friendly products and time-honored techniques, all while providing some of the best customer service in the business. We are proud that year after year, our clients return to us and bring their friends, knowing that we are a lawn care company they can trust to get the best possible results without using harsh, poisonous chemicals. Plus, they know that if they’re not happy with a treatment, we’ll come out and treat again at no charge. The only way we measure success is by the satisfaction of our clients.

Our standard lawn care service consists of several strategically timed treatments, which we spread throughout the year for maximum effectiveness. These treatments help to overcome the most common lawn ailments found in Marietta, GA, such as:

  • A lack of nutrients to feed the lawn
  • Too many weeds
  • Soil that is too acidic

In addition to addressing these issues, we also add a special blend of bionutrients, which helps encourage robust root development, enabling your lawn to better access the nutrition and resources in the soil.

To learn more about our services, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. Also, be sure to ask about our more specialized services, like moisture management and soil nutrient testing. Discover for yourself why we’re the preferred lawn care company for homeowners in Marietta, GA, and throughout the region.