An Expert Lawn Care Company for Your Property in Kennesaw, GA

Lawn Care Company Kennesaw GAAre you in need of a lawn care company that can expertly care for your property in or around the Kennesaw, Georgia, area? Allowing professionals to handle the time-consuming task of caring for your lawn throughout the year can provide you with a great deal of relief as well as extra time. Instead of stressing out about your lawn looking withered or dead right before the holidays or during temperature extremes, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your yard looks beautiful year-round.

If you want to hire a lawn care company that has many years of experience and the knowledge necessary to maintain beautiful, lush grass throughout the seasons, turn to the experts at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been in the industry since 1998 and are well-equipped to take care of a wide variety of grass species.

When you turn to us for your lawn care needs in the Kennesaw, GA, area, you can expect us to care for your lawn by:

  • Applying fertilizer and bionutrients to ensure your lawn’s root system is strong and has the food it needs.
  • Eliminating existing weeds and preventing unwanted foliage.
  • Adding limestone supplements to balance the pH of the soil on your property.

Additionally, we offer other excellent services like lawn aeration, which helps prevent soil compaction. This service is highly recommended for those with yards who receive a great deal of foot traffic.

If you would like to learn more about our lawn care company, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. One of our knowledgeable associates is available to answer any questions you have and can tell you more about all of the top-notch services we have available to homeowners in Kennesaw, GA, and surrounding communities.