Lawn Aeration and Other Lawn Care Services for Homeowners in or near Atlanta, GA

Lawn Aeration Atlanta GAIf you’re looking for professional lawn aeration services to beautify your lawn in our near Atlanta, Georgia, then look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been serving homeowners throughout the region since 1998, delivering an amazing array of lawn care services that leave homeowners with lush, healthy landscapes that are ideal for summer get-togethers or quiet moments alone. Whether you’re looking for lawn aeration services to bring your healthy lawn from good to great, or need a full slate of lawn care services to restore your landscape to optimal health, Unlimited Lawn Care is here to help.

Lawn aeration is an important part of any successful lawn care strategy in Atlanta, GA. Aeration provides several benefits for lawns, including:

  • Improved ability for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil, where they can be absorbed by your lawn’s root system
  • Loosened soil, which allows your lawn’s root system to grow and expand
  • Discouraged build up of thatch, a thick surface layer of dead organic material which can interfere with your lawn’s ability to thrive
  • And more

For property owners with bermuda or zoysia lawns, annual core aeration is crucial to your lawn’s overall health. For property owners with fescue lawns, we recommend combining aeration and overseeding, since fescue does not germinate on its own. Overseeding helps fill in thin spots and keeps your lawn thick and lush year after year.

To learn more about lawn aeration and how it can benefit your property in or near Atlanta, GA, contact the pros at Unlimited Lawn Care today.