Does Your Lawn Have Weeds that Seem Impossible to Eliminate? If You’re in the Suwanee, GA, Area, Unlimited Lawn Care Can Help

Lawn Weeds Suwanee GAUnlimited Lawn Care can treat any lawn with weeds in the Suwanee, Georgia, area using a variety of methods. Since 1998, we have been employing the best treatments to eradicate weeds and restore the health of lawns like yours. One of our most popular packages for lawns consist of eight applications that are given 4-6 weeks apart. These treatments are guaranteed to clear your lawn of weeds, as well as fertilize your soil, strengthen your lawn’s root system through bionutrients, and maintain healthy pH levels in your soil by using lime supplements. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of these treatments that if you notice your lawn still has weeds 14-21 after our service, we’ll treat your property again at no charge.

If you have a property in Suwanee and are unsure of whether you should take advantage of our lawn care treatments, consider the many negative effects weeds can have on your lawn, including:

  • Depleting your soil of nutrients and water, requiring you to use more fertilizer on a lawn with weeds
  • Overcrowding your lawn and leaving little to no room for other plants to grow
  • Having an unsightly appearance that makes your lawn look unkempt

In addition to freeing your lawn of weeds, Unlimited Lawn Care offers a wide array of other services. Some of our most popular treatments for residential areas include fire ant control, lawn aeration to increase the moisture and nutrients in compacted soil, and flea and tick control. We’re also experts in design/build services and have experience creating concrete flower beds, outdoor fireplaces, and more.

Whether you’re interested in an extensive project, such as a new pool deck or landscape walls, or you simply want to have a lawn with no weeds, Unlimited Lawn Care can help. Call us today, and we’ll explain how we can use our years of experience and our wide array of treatment options to transform any lawn in Suwanee, GA.