Say Goodbye to Lawn Weeds When You Choose Unlimited Lawn Care for you Property in Marietta, GA

Lawn Weeds Marietta GAIf abundant on your lawn, weeds can give your yard an unsightly appearance. At Unlimited Lawn Care, we know what it takes to eliminate unwanted weeds from your lawn, and guarantee to help make your property in Marietta, Georgia, the best-looking one in the neighborhood. In order to eradicate weeds and improve your property’s curb appeal, our lawn care professionals use superior time-tested techniques and premium eco-friendly products.

At Unlimited Lawn Care, it is important that we rid your lawn of weeds using environmentally-safe products that reduce the amount of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that are released into the ground. We strive to keep the yards we treat in the Marietta area safe for children, pets, and the surrounding ecosystem. Our dedication to green methods and products has allowed us to be recognized by:

  • Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA)
  • GA Urban Ag Council
  • Gwinnet Magazine

These honors are certainly important to us, but they mean a lot more when we are able to combine them with unmatched results for our customers.

When we remove all lawn weeds from your property, you can be assured that your yard in Marietta, GA, will remain weed-free for the foreseeable future. If you allow our lawn care professionals to apply all eight weed-killing treatments throughout the year, we guarantee a pristine lawn without any unwanted vegetation. If for some reason you do find weeds in your yard after 21 days, our highly-trained staff will come back out to your property and re-apply our products until your lawn is 100 percent clear of weeds.

In addition to our guaranteed lawn weeds removal, we also offer several other great services as additional components to our standard lawn service. Unlimited Lawn Care provides tree trimming, shrub pruning, lawn maintenance, lawn aeration, and even lawn pest control.

If you would like to learn more about our great services or the eco-friendly methods we use to clear lawn weeds from your Marietta, GA, property, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.