Looking to Get Rid of Lawn Weeds in Atlanta, GA? Call Unlimited Lawn Care

Lawn Weeds Atlanta GALawn weeds are a constant problem for numerous Atlanta, Georgia, residents. Many attempt to treat their weed problems themselves, but the weeds just keep coming back time and again. Unlimited Lawn Care has worked with frustrated homeowners battling lawn weeds since 1998. With more than 100 dedicated and certified lawn care professionals on our team, we guarantee we have the resources necessary to provide you with quality lawn care service. No matter the weed or turf, Unlimited Lawn Care can help.

The secret to our success in eliminating lawn weeds in Atlanta, GA, lies in our multi-step treatment system, which includes eight different rounds expertly timed to ensure your lawn will be healthy, green, and weed free. The typical eight different treatment rounds include:

  • Round 1 – adding bionutrient and broadleaf weed controller
  • Round 2 – laying fertilizer and various weed controllers
  • Round 3 – fertilizing, targeted weed control, and aeration for Bermuda and zoysia grass lawns
  • Round 4 – adding additional fertilizers, bionutrient, and weed controllers
  • Round 5 – revaluating your lawn’s specific requirements while spraying for weeds and fertilizing
  • Round 6 – applying winter weed controllers, fertilizing, and aerating fescue lawns
  • Round 7 – adding nutrients to your lawn
  • Round 8 – applying lime to the soil to balance your lawn’s pH

While each round may differ depending on your particular lawn and weed concerns, you can be assured that Unlimited Lawn Care will remove all your lawn weeds. If one of the treatment rounds fails to remove the weeds, we will treat again at no additional cost.

If you are interested in our services for removing your lawn weeds in Atlanta, GA, or have any questions regarding other services we provide, contact us today.