Lawn Treatment Services for Homeowners in and near Atlanta, GA

Lawn Treatment Services Atlanta GAIf you’re in need of quality lawn treatment services in or around Atlanta, Georgia, turn to the professionals homeowners in the region have trusted since 1998 – Unlimited Lawn Care. We have faithfully helped men and women beautify their properties by using eco-friendly products in the hands of highly trained lawn care specialists. Plus, customer satisfaction governs the work we do. We won’t stop until you’re happy with the results, or as we like to say it, “your satisfaction is our success.”

Our standard package of lawn treatment services consists of eight strategically timed applications that are spread throughout the year. These treatments coincide with important moments in your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles, and include combinations of:

  • Bionutrients – To promote root and blade health
  • Weed control products – To keep out unwanted vegetation
  • Fertilizer – To ensure your lawn receives the proper nutrition

Plus, we add lime to your soil annually to balance the pH and ensure that nutrients in the soil are available for absorption. Together, these services will result in a thick green carpet of grass that you can enjoy all year long.

But we don’t stop there. At Unlimited Lawn Care, we know that some lawns require extra, specialized attention, which is why we also offer services like core aeration for bermuda and zoysia lawns, aeration and overseeding for fescue turf, pest control services, and lawn maintenance. We can even design and install hardscape elements for your property, like a garden path, pergola, and other features.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about the lawn treatment services we have available for homeowners in or near Atlanta, GA.