Lawn Treatment Offered to Beautify Properties in Kennesaw, GA, & All Surrounding Communities

Lawn Treatment Kennesaw GALawn treatment can be a great way to revive your dying and decaying turf in Kennesaw, Georgia. However, many homeowners are unsure of which professional lawn care company to turn to for help. Trust Unlimited Lawn Care. We have helped over 7,000 clients in just under two decades bring new life to their lawn. We have transformed numerous lawns using eco-friendly products, and we are ready to turn your lawn into a lush, green paradise to be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

The experts at Unlimited Lawn Care have crafted an eight-step lawn treatment program that increases your Kennesaw, GA, lawn’s productivity and health throughout the year. Using bionutrients, fertilizers, weed controllers, and lime supplements, our strategically timed treatment plans are calculated to:

  • Ensure your lawn has a complete and balanced diet
  • Add extra resources to your lawn to encourage robust roots and healthy blade development
  • Eliminate existing weeds and prevent future weeds from growing, preserving the available resources for your grass
  • Balance your lawn’s PH level using lime treatment to ensure its ideal growth

Unlimited Lawn Care also offers homeowners many other lawn treatment services including pest control, soil testing, core aeration, and tree and shrub maintenance. Additionally, we perform other lawn services, including irrigation installation and lawn enhancements.

To learn more about our custom eight-step lawn treatment program or any of our other lawn services available to residents in and around Kennesaw, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.