Lawn Services & More for Properties in Atlanta, GA, or Any Surrounding Community

Lawn Services Atlanta GALooking for a company to provide superior lawn services for your home or business in the Atlanta, GA, area? Turn to the experts at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have served residential and commercial clients throughout the Atlanta area since 1998, establishing greener, lusher lawns by using eco-friendly products in the hands of highly trained specialists who know how to identify and overcome turf issues. What’s more, our courteous, professional staff knows how to treat a customer right, and works hard each day to ensure that each of our thousands of clients remains happy with the lawn services we provide. Your satisfaction is our success.

Our standard lawn care program involves a series of eight applications, which are timed throughout the year to coincide with important moments in the growth and dormancy cycles of the most common grass species in the Atlanta, GA region. These treatments include combinations of bionutrients, fertilizer, weed control products, and limestone soil supplements. The result of our lawn services program will be:

  • A more robust root system
  • A complete nutrient base to feed your lawn
  • Reduced competition for those nutrients from unwanted vegetation
  • Balanced soil pH for an ideal growth environment

In addition to our primary lawn care program, we also offer supplemental services to further improve the health and vitality of your lawn. For instance, we recommend that every homeowner should have their lawn aerated annually. Those with fescue grass should combine aeration with overseeding to fill in the thin spots, since fescue does not self-germinate.

For more information on these and other lawn services we offer in the Atlanta, GA area, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.