Lawn Services for Property Owners in the Acworth, GA, Area

Lawn Services Acworth GA

If you need effective, dependable lawn services to help reinvigorate your property in Acworth, Georgia, or any nearby community, then turn to the pros at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have helped thousands of homeowners in the region realize their dreams for a lusher, greener carpet of grass that not only looks great, but becomes an inviting space for play and entertainment. Plus, because we use eco-friendly products in our lawn services, you can feel safe when your pets, and children are playing on the lawn.

Our primary lawn care package consists of eight applications, which we schedule to coincide with strategic moments in your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles. These lawn services have been formulated to address the most pressing needs of lawns in the Acworth, GA, area, and include:

  • Fertilizer – To ensure your lawn has a balanced and complete diet
  • Weed control – To reduce the number of existing weeds in your lawn, and prevent future weeds from taking root
  • Bionutrients – To encourage vibrant and healthy grass blades and a robust root system

Plus, we supplement your soil annually with limestone, to help balance the pH. This also releases nutrients that get locked in the soil when it becomes too acidic. Once released, they can more easily be absorbed by your lawn’s root system.

Of course, we don’t stop there. Our expert turf care specialists in the Acworth, GA, area are equipped to provide an assortment of additional lawn services to help your beautify your property. To learn more about these services, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.