Lawn Service You Can Trust In Woodstock, GA

Lawn Service Woodstock GAFinding an affordable and reliable lawn service company in Woodstock, Georgia, is as easy as calling Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been working with Woodstock homeowners for almost two decades and have satisfied over 7,000 customers. Our superior customer service and dependability that Woodstock residents have come to know and trust has also been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and numerous media and news outlets around the area, including the Atlanta Business Chronical that named us among the top 20 landscaping companies in the region.

Woodstock, GA, residents can expect only the best lawn service plan from Unlimited Lawn Care, which includes our eight-step lawn care treatment program designed to continually work with the needs of your turf. Throughout the year, our program strategically applies the following treatments to your lawn:

  • Fertilizer to enrich the diet of your lawn
  • Bionutrients to ensure the health of your grass
  • Weed control to remove weeds and prevent their return
  • Lime to balance the PH of your soil

Other lawn service treatments offered by Unlimited Lawn Care, such as aeration and over-seeding, are also key steps in maintaining a healthy turf. Aeration works by extracting small divots from your grass, which, in turn, removes thatch from the top layer of your grass. Thatch can impede blade growth and increases root density. As a result, your grass’s root system then has more room to grow, creating a thicker, healthier turf.

If you would like to learn more about our lawn service program or any of our other services in Woodstock, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.