Lawn Service for Homeowners in Marietta, GA, & All Surrounding Communities

Lawn Service Marietta GAFinding a top-notch lawn service to beautify and maintain your property in or near Marietta, Georgia, can be tricky. After all, lawn care companies come and go, and so finding a company that is going to be reliable over a period of years could be a gamble.

That’s not true with Unlimited Lawn Care. We have proudly served residents and commercial clients in the Peach State since 1998, surpassing expectations by placing safe, effective lawn care products in the hands of highly trained turf experts who have a deep understanding of how to overcome the challenges that plague area lawns. Because of the results we have achieved, and the polite, courteous way in which we achieve them, our lawn care service has become one of the most sought-after companies in the area.

What also sets us apart as one of the most desirable lawn service companies in the Marietta, GA, area is our multi-step lawn care program. Our standard lawn care plan involves the application of eight treatments to your property throughout the year at specific times to coincide with your lawn’s growth schedule. Our treatments are designed to keep your yard looking its best and include applications of:

  • Weed controllers to remove all weeds native to Georgia and keep them from growing back
  • Lime supplements to help balance your soil’s pH levels
  • Bionutrients and fertilizer to strengthen and nourish blade growth

For more information on the lawn service programs we offer for residents in and around Marietta, GA, or to receive a free, no-obligation quote for our services, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. Plus, be sure to ask about our pest control and other landscape care services so you can fully enjoy your newly beautified outdoor space.