Lawn Service for Property Owners in & near Atlanta, GA

Lawn Service Atlanta GAFor remarkable lawn service in and around Atlanta, Georgia, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. We’re proud to remain the lawn care service of choice since 1998 for property owners in the region, due largely to the fact that we provide first-class service with each and every visit. Your satisfaction is our success, and so we work tirelessly to ensure that we achieve the necessary results to give you the thick, healthy carpet of grass you desire.

Our multi-step lawn service plan is available for homeowners in Atlanta, GA, who are looking to improve and maintain the overall health of their lawn. This program consists of eight treatments applied to your lawn at specific times of the year to coincide with your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles to produce the highest quality lawn. These application treatments include:

  • Fertilizer and bionutrients – to nourish and strengthen your grass
  • Weed control treatments – to eradicate existing weeds and keep away future unwanted vegetation
  • Lime – to balance the overall pH of your soil for optimal blade growth

For many properties, this series of applications will be enough to provide the lush, healthy lawn you envision. However, some landscapes require additional attention, which is why we also provide services such as core aeration for Bermuda and zoysia lawns, aeration and overseeding for fescue turf, and moisture management services. We can also address tree and shrubbery needs and provide pest control services.

For more information on our lawn service program and all landscaping services available to residents in and around Atlanta, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.