Of the Lawn Companies in the Atlanta, GA Area, Unlimited Lawn Care is King

Lawn Companies Atlanta GAThere are many lawn companies that are available to care for properties in and around Atlanta, Georgia, but discerning homeowners consistently choose Unlimited Lawn Care. We have faithfully resurrected ailing landscapes since 1998 by equipping highly trained lawn care experts with top-notch products that are safe for the environment. This combination has produced lawns that are greener and healthier than any others in their neighborhoods, creating inviting spaces for homeowners to use in entertaining family and friends. While other lawn companies have come and gone, Unlimited Lawn Care has remained, welcoming customers back year after year.

We start with a standard lawn care package that consists of eight applications, all strategically timed to coincide with important moments in your lawn’s growth and dormancy cycles. While other lawn companies may think it’s adequate to just add fertilizer to your Atlanta, GA, lawn, we know more is required. That’s why we also include:

  • Weed control – We treat several times to kill off existing weeds and prevent future weeds from sprouting.
  • Limestone supplements – The soil in this part of the country is notoriously acidic, so we add lime to the turf annually to help balance the pH, which in turn ensures that existing nutrition in the soil is available for absorption by your lawn’s root system.
  • Bionutrients – Unlike other lawn companies, we add this specially blended product to enhance the health and vitality of your grass’ root system and blades, which in turn fights off disease and helps prevent unwanted vegetation from spreading.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about what sets us apart from other lawn care companies, and how we can help you resurrect your lawn in the Atlanta, GA area.