Remarkable Lawn Care Services for Homeowners in and around Marietta, GA

Lawn Care Services Marietta GAChoosing the right lawn care services for your lawn in Marietta, Georgia, can be stressful. Luckily, Unlimited Lawn care is here to help. Our lawn care specialists are able to assess the needs of your lawn and help design the right lawn care plan for you. We use effective, environmentally safe products, and systematically timed applications. The result is a lush, green carpet of grass that’s safe for your children and pets to enjoy, and is ideal for those moments when you want to entertain family and friends.

One of our most popular lawn care services chosen by Marietta, GA, residents is our eight-step application program that ensures that you will have a healthy lawn throughout the year. The application treatments include:

  • Bionutrients – We add a specially formulated product that strengthens your lawn’s root system and naturally improves its cell structure, resulting in improved blade health and increased ability to stave off disease.
  • Weed control – We apply a special blend of weed controllers to your lawn during treatment to remove stubborn weeds and keep them from growing back throughout the year
  • Fertilizer – We supplement your grass’s diet with fertilizer in order to increase its growth potential and health.
  • Lime – We also apply lime supplements to your lawn in order to balance the PH of your soil.

In addition to our application program, we also offer an abundance of other services, including moisture management, tree and shrub maintenance, insect control, soil nutrient testing, and aeration for all lawn types. To further enhance your lawn, custom build and design options for pergolas and patios are also available.

For more information on all our lawn care services offered in and near Marietta, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.