Is Hiring a Lawn Care Company for Your Kennesaw, GA, Property Worth the Expense?

Lawn Care Kennesaw GA

Proper lawn care in the Kennesaw, Georgia, area can require an extensive amount of time, as well as trial-by-error experiments, in order to determine the specific needs of your yard. With life being so busy already, it’s best to relieve yourself of the frustrations that come with maintaining the health of your grass and let professionals handle the time-consuming job for you.

Effective lawn care services far exceed mowing your yard a couple of times a month. To make sure that your grass looks healthy and vibrant, more work is involved. Keeping dominant vegetation away, balancing the pH of the soil, and ensuring the soil below the grass isn’t compacted are all necessary measures that should be taken.

For these types of services for your property in or around the Kennesaw, GA, area, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. Since 1998, we have provided outstanding services like lawn aeration, weed removal, fertilizer applications, and more.

When you turn to us for your lawn maintenance you can expect us to provide a year-round service that consists of eight applications perfectly timed to coincide with key moments in the life cycle of your grass. Throughout the year, our skilled technicians will apply fertilizer, bionutrients, and limestone supplements to ensure that your yard looks vibrant and lush. Additionally, they will treat for weed removal and ensure that unwanted foliage isn’t dominating your lawn.

To learn more about the excellent services we offer to homeowners in the Kennesaw, GA, area, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.