Professional Lawn Care Services for Residential and Commercial Property Owners in the Johns Creek, GA, Area

Lawn Care Johns Creek GA

While many lawn care companies in the Johns Creek, Georgia, area claim they can expertly care for your yard, they don’t actually have the education or skills required to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Proper yard care expands far beyond mowing and trimming as the soil and grass on your property needs to be monitored and cared for throughout the seasons, which can be a big commitment of time.

For expert lawn maintenance services in the Johns Creek, GA, area, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Care. Our skilled specialists will visit your property eight times a year during key moments of your lawn’s life cycle. While at your residential or commercial property, our technicians will control weeds, remove unwanted foliage, balance the pH of the soil, and apply fertilizers and bionutrients. These efforts will help ensure that your lawn has the care it needs to thrive.

Plus, our lawn care experts can aerate your turf for you, which will help ensure that your grass won’t succumb to soil compaction. Everyday activities like walking across your lawn can cause the soil on your property to become compressed. When this happens, grass can’t obtain all the nutrients it needs to grow. While our technicians visit your property, they can use techniques to prevent soil compaction and stimulate new root growth.

For more information about the lawn maintenance services we offer to property owners in the Johns Creek, GA, area, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. One of our friendly specialists is available to answer any questions you have.