Expert Lawn Care Services for Homeowners in East Cobb, GA & Surrounding Areas

Lawn Care East Cobb GA

Are you in need of expert lawn care services for your home in or around the East Cobb, Georgia, area? If so, you’ll want to be certain that you trust an experienced and dependable company with your property. Many companies claim they have the knowledge necessary to fully care for lawns when in actuality they don’t have in-depth understanding of the unique ecosystem present on your property.

Insects, diseases, and dominant vegetation are just a few of the culprits that can live together and wreak havoc on your yard. It’s imperative you hire professionals who understand how to keep your grass in its healthiest state, so that it’s resilient enough to handle moderate pests.

Fortunately, homeowners in the East Cobb, GA, area, can turn to the specialists at Unlimited Lawn Care for expert upkeep of their yards. We have been helping homeowners maintain healthy and lush yards since 1998, so we have the experience required to best serve you.

Our year-round lawn care service package includes eight applications that are strategically planned to coincide with key moments in the growth cycle of your lawn. These applications include adding bionutrients and fertilizer to your grass. We will also add limestone supplements that will balance the pH of your soil, which will create the ideal environment for your grass to grow. Additionally, we will remove weeds and keep unwanted foliage away from your healthy lawn.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about all of the outstanding services we offer to homeowners in the East Cobb, GA, area. One of our friendly associates can answer any questions you have.