Professional Lawn Care Services to Simplify Your Life in the Duluth, GA, Area

Lawn Care Duluth GA

Patient and dedicated lawn care can ensure that your property in the Duluth, Georgia, area, is well maintained. Many people don’t have the free time required to expertly care for a lawn year-round. However, without regular maintenance, your grass will mostly likely decline in health or even die.

To avoid issues like soil compaction, weed overgrowth, and the withering of grasses on your property, hire experienced professionals to provide expert lawn maintenance services. With talented specialists handling the job, you won’t have to spend time doing any of the physical labor or get frustrated while trying to find the treatment methods your specific lawn requires.

If you want to hire an experienced and trusted lawn maintenance company that serves residents in Duluth, GA, and surrounding cities, turn to Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been helping homeowners and commercial property owners maintain lush and vibrant lawns since 1998, so we have the experience necessary to expertly serve you.

When you hire us to care for your turf, you can expect us to create a strategic treatment plan based on the specific type of grass on property. Our knowledgeable specialists will apply bionutirents and fertilizer, eradicate weeds, and add lime supplements to your property eight times throughout the year, which will result in a healthy and beautiful lawn. We can also provide a number of other services like lawn aeration if you would like full-service lawn care.

For more information about the services we have available for property owners in or around Duluth, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.