Unlimited Lawn Care – A Company You Can Trust to Beautify Your Landscape in or near Gainesville, GA

Lawn Care Company Gainesville GAFinding the right lawn care company to beautify your lawn in or near Gainesville, Georgia, is easy if you know what questions to ask. Here are a few examples of questions that are important for any property owner to know before hiring a lawn care company to beautify and maintain their property.

  • Has the company been in business a long time? – There are lots of “fly-by-night” lawn companies that start up one day and disappear the next, usually with the money of the property owners who paid in advance.
  • Are their employees trained to identify and treat lawn issues? – Anyone can push a lawn mower or spread fertilizer, but it takes a trained professional to identify your grass species, what your lawn needs for optimal health, and how to overcome any existing challenges.
  • Do they use environmentally friendly products? – The last thing you want is to have a lawn full of toxic poisons, which then get transferred into your home on the bottoms of your shoes or the paws of your pets.

Unlimited Lawn Care is a premier lawn care company that has been serving the Gainesville, GA, area since 1998. We have a highly trained and experienced team that will treat your lawn using only environmentally friendly products along with safe and successful lawn care practices. Our team has treated thousands of yards all over the region, creating a solution for any problem that comes our way. We offer a variety of different lawn care services to meet the needs of your yard including our standard lawn care package that, through a combination of weed controllers, bionutrients, fertilizer, and lime applications, will improve your property’s appearance and keep it at the peak of health all year long.

To learn more about why we’re the lawn care company of choice for residents in Gainesville, GA, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.