Why are Lawn Aeration Services Necessary on Properties in the Suwanee, GA, Area?

Lawn Aeration Suwanee GALawn aeration services will prevent your yard in the Suwanee, Georgia, area, from succumbing to soil compaction, which can kill your grass. Insects, nematodes, and diseases are often blamed for killing lawns, but many people overlook the fact that everyday activities like playing in the yard can also cause damage. As you walk across your grass over and over, the soil underneath becomes compacted. This means that grass isn’t able to easily access the oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive. Thankfully, simple maintenance services like lawn aeration can keep your yard looking healthy and vibrant despite regular foot traffic.

For professional lawn aeration services in or around the Suwannee, GA, area, turn to the experts at Unlimited Lawn Care. Since 1998, we have been helping property owners add curb appeal to their homes and offices with beautiful and lush yards.

To prevent grass withering and dying from soil compaction, our knowledgeable technicians can aerate your lawn, which will ensure that your grass can obtain the nutrients it needs to thrive. During this process, we will also remove small plugs of compacted soil to stimulate new grass growth.

In the event you require full-service lawn care, our specialists can also eradicate unwanted foliage and leaves, apply fertilizers and bionutrients, and so much more.

For more information about the lawn aeration services we have available to property owners in the Suwanee, GA, area, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. One of our friendly associates can answer any questions you have.