Are You in Need of Lawn Aeration Services for Your Property in the Sugar Hill, GA, Area?

Lawn Aeration Sugar Hill GAIf you are looking for a company that provides expert lawn aeration services in the Sugar Hill, Georgia, area, look no further than Unlimited Lawn Services. We have been helping property owners maintain their lawns since 1998, so you can rest assured we have the experience required to best serve you.

When property owners begin to notice that their grass is withering or dying, they often blame overwatering, extreme weather, or pests as the culprit. In actuality, soil compaction is frequently the reason why yards in the Sugar Hill, GA, area begin to decline. Everyday activities like walking across your lawn to get your mail can cause the soil to compact, which makes it difficult for grass to obtain the nutrients it needs to survive.

To prevent or treat soil compaction, allow our experts to perform lawn aeration services on your property. When our specialists visit your home or business, they will remove small plugs from the compressed soil, which will allow the grass to better access important nutrients.

In addition to lawn aeration services, our experts can also provide our standard turf maintenance services, including:

  • Removing weeds and unwanted foliage
  • Adding limestone supplements to the soil to balance its pH
  • Applying fertilizers and bionutrients to ensure your grass is receiving proper nutrients
  • And more

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today to learn more about the lawn aeration services we offer. One of our knowledgeable customer representatives will gladly answer any questions you have and tell you more about all of the outstanding lawn care services we provide to home and business owners in the Sugar Hill, GA, area.