Professional Lawn Aeration Services for Property Owners in the Sandy Springs, GA, Area

Lawn Aeration Sandy Springs GA

You may be in need of lawn aeration services for your property in or around Sandy Springs, Georgia, if your grass looks withered or shows signs of decline. While many people think that insects or disease are the major causes of withering grass, oftentimes, soil compaction is the culprit..

Soil compaction can occur from regular, everyday activities like walking across your lawn. When the soil gets too compacted, your grass doesn’t have the access to oxygen and nutrients it needs. Plus, this part of your lawn won’t drain well, which means it will be further damaged. To prevent this harm, you can hire professionals to conduct regular lawn aeration services on your property.

For expert lawn aeration services in the Sandy Springs, GA, area, turn to the trusted professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care. We have been helping property owners maintain their grounds since 1998, so we have the experience necessary to expertly serve you.

After our knowledgeable and skilled technicians perform lawn aeration services, your grass will be able to receive the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and vibrant. During the aeration process, our specialists will also remove small plugs of turf, which will stimulate the growth of new roots.

To ensure our clients are fully taken care of, we also offer a wide variety of other lawn care services, including applying fertilizers, bionutrients, and limestone supplements. Our technicians can also eradicate unwanted foliage and weeds.

If you would like to learn more about the lawn aeration services we offer, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. One of our friendly associates can answer any questions you have and tell you more about all of the services we have available to homeowners in Sandy Springs, GA.