Lawn Aeration for Homeowners in and around Sandy Springs, GA, from Unlimited Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration Sandy Springs GALawn aeration is an important component of keeping your Sandy Springs, Georgia, lawn at its pinnacle of health. However, many homeowners are uncertain on how to properly perform this lawn care service, and many more are even unaware of its existence. If you want your lawn in tiptop shape all year long, trust the professionals at Unlimited Lawn Care. Since 1998, we have used the most effective, time-tested lawn care strategies to resurrect ailing, unattractive lawns and create the lush, green carpets of grass our clients demand. If you choose Unlimited Lawn Care, you are guaranteed the lawn you always wanted.

Lawn aeration can improve your Sandy Springs, GA, landscape in many ways. With aeration:

  • Water can more easily absorb into the soil
  • Water runoff and soil composition are reduced
  • Root zones are improved
  • Root density is increased
  • Thatch does not build up as readily

At Unlimited Lawn Care, we also offer many other lawn care services aside from lawn aeration to help improve your turf. One of our more popular services is our multi-step lawn care program. Through a combination of weed controllers, fertilization, bionutrients, and lime supplements, this plan guarantees the removal of all your weeds and keeps your lawn healthy all year long.

If you would like to learn more about lawn aeration or any of the multitude of other services we offer in the Sandy Springs, GA, area, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.