Lawn Aeration Services for Property Owners in the Roswell, GA, Area

Lawn Aeration Roswell GAProfessional lawn aeration services might be exactly what your property in the Roswell, Georgia, area, needs to thrive once again. When grass begins to look withered and shows sign of decline, property owners often blame nematodes, insects, and improper watering as the reasons why. Often times, the problem is actually soil compaction caused from everyday activities like foot traffic from people or pets.

When soil gets too compressed, grasses don’t have access to the nutrients and oxygen required for optimal health. The area also won’t drain well, which will additionally negatively affect the health of your lawn. Aerating your turf will prevent soil compaction and help your lawn remain as healthy as possible.

For remarkable lawn aeration services, contact the experts at Unlimited Lawn Care. Since 1998, we have been the lawn care company of choice for many home and business owners throughout the Roswell, GA, area. Our knowledgeable specialists can aerate your lawn so that your grass’s root system has the access to the air and nutrients it needs to thrive. They will also remove small plugs of compressed turf to stimulate the growth of new, healthy roots.

In addition to lawn aeration services, our talented specialists can also fertilize your lawn, add bionutrients, eradicate weeds and unwanted foliage, add lime supplement to balance the pH of your soil, and so much more.

To find out more about the lawn aeration services we offer to residential and commercial property owners in Roswell, GA, and nearby communities, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today.