Learn How Lawn Aeration Can Keep Your Lawn Healthier and Looking Greener in Roswell, GA

Lawn Aeration Roswell GALawn aeration is an excellent way to keep yards looking healthy in Roswell, Georgia. Through aeration, small holes are perforated into the soil so that air, water, and nutrients can reach grass roots more easily. Aeration is especially beneficial for compacted soil, which tends to be so dense that it is difficult for air and essential nutrients to reach plant roots.

Since Unlimited Lawn Care understands the many benefits of lawn aeration, we make it easy for you to add this service to our standard lawn care package. Homeowners and property managers in Roswell who take advantage of aeration in addition to our regular lawn care program enjoy lawns that have:

  • Increased water intake
  • Less soil compaction
  • Less water runoff
  • Improved grass roots

Regardless of whether you choose lawn aeration or a different service, Unlimited Lawn Care, can help. In addition to our knowledgeable and experienced technicians, we’re also proud to offer unparalleled customer service. For instance, when you request any service, including lawn aeration, we’ll make sure to knock on your door to inform you when we’re treating your lawn. If you’re not home, we’ll leave a detailed note explaining exactly how we treated your lawn. Should you spot any weeds in your lawn 14-21 days after our service, we’ll return to your property and treat it again at no charge.

To learn more about our services or to ask any questions about scheduling lawn aeration in the Roswell, GA, area, contact us today. We’d love to show you how healthy and green your lawn can be.