Professional, Effective Lawn Aeration for Property Owners in or near Alpharetta, GA

Lawn Aeration Alpharetta GALawn aeration is an important step in the process of maintaining a healthy lawn in Alpharetta, Georgia. However, many residents are unaware of how to properly aerate their lawn and which company they should trust with their lawn care needs. Thankfully, Unlimited Lawn Care is here to help. With decades of experience treating brown and rotting turf as well as maintaining lush, green lawns, Unlimited Lawn Care has proven the effectiveness of their lawn services time and again. In fact, we were awarded best in Gwinnett Country five years in a row by Gwinnett Magazine and listed among the top 20 landscaping firms in the Atlanta area by Atlanta Business Chronical.

While often overlooked, the benefits of lawn aeration for properties in Alpharetta, GA, that have fescue, Bermuda, and zoysia grass are vast. These benefits include:

  • Improved root zones for enhanced growth
  • Increase water intake by the grass’s roots
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Reduced water runoff in the lawn
  • Broken down thatch

However, Unlimited Lawn Care services are not just limited to lawn aeration. Our company can also help improve the growth and health of lawns through other phases of our highly praised eight-step application program. Each environmentally safe treatment we offer is systematically timed to ensure that lawns remain green and weed free all year round.

With our extensive experience, Unlimited Lawn Care is the name Alpharetta, GA, residents have trusted over and over again. Contact us today to learn more about how lawn aeration and other lawn care treatment services can drastically improve the lawn quality.