Fescue Lawn Care Services for Properties in Atlanta, GA, or any Surrounding Community

Fescue Lawn Care Atlanta GAIf you’re searching for fescue lawn care experts to beautify or maintain your landscape in Atlanta, or any surrounding community in Georgia, then Unlimited Lawn Care is the company to call. We have served residential and commercial clients in the region since 1998, providing incredibly effective fescue lawn services and doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. The result? Lush, healthy-looking lawns that our clients can spend time on without concern of exposure to pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

When you hire Unlimited Lawn Care to care for your lawn, we will commence a year-round series of eight strategically timed treatments, designed to deliver precisely what your fescue lawn needs at the moment it needs it. These applications, all of which include products that are safe and natural, involve:

  • Bionutrition – Helps promote root growth and improves cell health for your Atlanta lawn
  • Weed control – Addresses existing weeds, and prevents future weeds from sprouting
  • Fertilization – Ensures that your grass receives the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and hardiness
  • Lime supplements – To balance the pH of your soil and create an optimal growth environment for your lawn

These basic services will go a long way toward achieving the attractive lawn you desire, but we know that fescue lawn care requires special additional strategies for maximum success. For instance, because fescue grass doesn’t self-germinate, our experts can aerate and overseed your lawn annually, keeping your grass thick and lush year after year. A healthy carpet of grass is the best defense against weed infestations and the proliferation of turf disease.

Contact Unlimited Lawn Care today for more information on our fescue lawn care services for properties in the Atlanta, GA, region. Also, be sure to ask about the many other lawn care services we offer.